Voce 2

  • Concert

  • Wed 9 September 2020 ,
    9 p.m.

  • La Villette, Salle Boris Vian
    Access plan

  • Full : 18 €
    Discount Price : 15 €
    ManiFeste/Young Card : 14 €


  • Auditorium Access: entry 5. Cloackroom service won't be available


Initially scheduled at La Scala, Paris, this concert will take place at La Villette

Stefano Gervasoni's path has crossed that of 17th century German mysticism, that of Angelius Silesius, Dir-In Dir. “From rhyme to rhyme, from paradox to paradox, from negation to negation, from linguistic game to linguistic game, meaning becomes elusive and a univocal theological interpretation becomes impossible. Words dissolve into music, get lost in it, transform it into language, contrary to the "usual" practice of making words singable, until it too acquires a sort of meaning." (Gervasoni)

Neue Vocalsolisten
L’Instant Donné

Stefano Gervasoni Dir - in dir

L’Instant Donné
© DR
Neue Vocalsolisten
© Martin Sigmund
Le compositeur Stefano Gervasoni
© Davide Santi

Coproduction IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, L’Instant Donné | With the support of the Sacem.

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