France Musique Interview with Eliane Radigue

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Published in 5 parts on France Musique. Follow the composer Eliane Radigue from her childhood in Paris to her discovery of concrete music, her meeting with John Cage, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and with the instrument with which she worked for nearly 40 years: the ARP 2500 synthesizer.

The show “Les Grands Entretiens”. November, 2019. In French.

Eliane Radigue (1/5) : « J'étais partie à Nice pour trois semaines, j'y suis restée 17 ans ! »

Eliane Radigue (2/5): “That was the beginning of the great adventure of my life”

Eliane Radigue (3/5): “It was a particularly intense time in New York”

Eliane Radigue (4/5): “The choice was made. Music was important”

Eliane Radigue, composer (5/5)

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