Musiques-Fictions: the authors

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Created around a contemporary text, the first Musiques-Fictions are based on the work of three authors: Annie Ernaux, Maylis de Kerangal et Céline Minard. Discover who they are.

Maylis de Kérangal (b. in 1967)

Maylis de Kérangal spent her childhood in Haute-Normandie, Havre. After studying history, philosophy and ethnology in Paris, she starts working for Gallimard jeunesse in 1991. In 2000, she publishes her first novel Je marche sous un ciel de traîne (Verticales editions). Quite successfull, the young author continues her adventure by publishing La Vie voyageuse (2003), Ni fleurs, ni couronnes (2006) and Dans les rapides (2007).

In addition to her writing profession, she creates the editions of Baron Perché, publisher specialized in children’s litterature, for which she works until 2008. The same year, she wins the prizes Médicis and Femina for her novel Corniche Kennedy (2008). After this, the literary awards keeps coming, with her novel Naissance d’un pont in 2010, Tangente vers l’est in 2012 and Réparer les vivants in 2014. The author has also published a children’s book in 2011 with illustrator Alexandra Pichard.

Annie Ernaux (b. in 1940)

Annie Ernaux was born on September the 1st of 1940 in Lillebonne, but she spent her childhood in Yvetot, Normandie. Coming from a modest family, she studied literature, became certified teacher, then graduate from agrégation higher degree in French language and literature. Her first novel, Les Armoires vides (1974) already predicted the autobiographic dimension of her work. Combining personnal history to History, her novels tackles her parents upward social mobility (La Place, La Honte), her marriage (La Femme gelée), her sexuality and relationships (Passion simple, Se Perdre), her environment (Journal du dehors, La Vie extérieure), her abortion (L’Evenement), her mother's disease Alzheimer (Je ne suis pas sortie de ma nuit), her mother’s death (Une femme) or her breast cancer (L’Usage de la photo, in collaboration with Marc Marie), therefore building an « auto-socio-biographical » literary work.

Céline Minard (b. in 1969)

Céline Minard was born in Rouen, 1969 and now lives in Paris. After studying philosophy, she dedicates herself to writing with R. published by Comp’Act (illus.) in 2004 and La Manadologie, by MF in 2005. Besides writing fictions, she regularly works with plastician Scomparo. In 2006, she describes in Le Dernier Monde, a hallucinated and hallucinating journey in what resembles a speculative-fiction novel. In the context of 2008’s new literary season, Céline Minard publishes a new novel, Bastard Battle, which receives the same year the special jury mention for the Prize Welpler, Fondation La Poste. She was resident at the Villa Medicis in 2007 and 2008. Then, she publishes in 2014 Faillir être flinguée by Rivages (Prix du livre Inter) and in 2016, Le Grand Jeu.

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