Breviary Playcasts 2020

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Compagnie tf2, Jean-François Peyret

We were at the second episode of our Little Tragic Breviary For The Use of Human Animals of The 21st Century (Petit Bréviaire tragique à l'usage des animaux humains du XXIè siècle ) which should have been presented last June at the MC93 during IRCAM’s festival ManiFeste-2020. The coronavirus decided otherwise. And in two ways: firstly because the show was cancelled, but above all because the scale of this health crisis upsets the program of the Little Breviary devoted to the exploration of the frontier between animal and man. This zoonosis forces us to react and to make the virus the focal point of our dramaturgy. We will try to address it at the Studio-théâtre de Vitry next March, if the world allows it.

What should we do in the meantime? At the invitation of Frank Madlener to appear the new version of the festival, and at the initiative of Agnès de Cayeux, we propose a daydream-navigation that blends the music in progress of Alexandros Margeas with images by the video artist Maëlla Mickaëlle, striving to depict the time of animals through short excerpts from my work journal where non-human animals pass and pass again through the cage of my language.

Jean-François Peyret, August 2020

Playcasts du Petit Bréviaire 2020

Agnès de Cayeux conception
Jean-François Peyret text and voice
Alexandros Markeas music
Thierry Coduys sound stage design
Maëlla Mickaëlle videos
Julie Valero dramaturgy
Juliette Adam bass clarinet

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