Alienor Dauchez

  • Assistante director

After studying engineering, Aliénor Dauchez went on to study visual arts at the UDK in Berlin with G. Schneider, and at the Beaux-Arts in Paris with G. Penone. With Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, Zafraan Ensemble, Il Profondo, Musikfabrik, TM+ or Les Cris de Paris, she developed a musical theatre where the spatial dimension and the involvement of the musicians play a central role. Immersive, eclectic and experimental, her practice is in constant search of new formal narrative devices. Her productions (Démesure, Votre Faust by Henri Pousseur, Sous Vide or L'Ailleurs de l'autre) have been shown at Radialsystem V (Berlin), Nouveau Théâtre (Montreuil) and La Pop (Paris), MC2 (Grenoble), Concertgebouw (Bruges), Harpa (Reykjavik), Opéra de Reims, and the Théâtre de Bâle.

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