Valérie Philippin

  • Soprano

Trained in theatre, dance, and opera, Valérie Philippin specialises in the 20th century repertoire and creation between concert, electronic music, musical and opera theatre, sound poetry and improvisation. In 1995 she created Singulière Compagnie, to develop a musical theatre combining research, teaching and creation. In 1997, she created Entre-temps, with students from the Beaux-Arts of Paris and Alexandria, and, in 2000, Les Affabrucations Machinelles du Dr Onns, with students from the CFMI of Orsay. In 2010 she conceived Cela fait-il du bruit, for an amateur choir, and in 2012, Terra Nostra for eight-year-olds and two professional musicians. In 2011 she wrote the book/CD La Voix, Palette Sonore with Christophe Dardenne.

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