Daniel D'Adamo

  • Composer

Daniel D'Adamo studied composition with P. Manoury at the Conservatoire de Lyon and then at IRCAM with T. Murail and B. Ferneyhough. He received several distinctions, such as the Boucourechliev award, the Grame-EOC award, the Prix de Printemps de la Sacem, an award from the the Académie Charles Cros for the recording of his string quartet with Plier/Déplier electronics. He was a resident at the Villa Medici

His music is performed in France and abroad by various soloists, orchestral and chamber ensembles at numerous festivals. 

After his staged monodrama La haine de la musique, he wrote his first chamber opera, Kamchatka, with an original libretto by M. Figueras, premiered in 2016 at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires.

Listen to: Daniel D'Adamo

  1. Frontières-Alliages by Daniel D'Adamo (recorded at the Auditorium de Dijon, 2008)
  2. Lips, your lips by Daniel D'Adamo (recorded by the label Cuicatl-La Buissonne, 2010)
  3. Traum-Entelechiae by Daniel D'Adamo (recorded by the label Cuicatl-La Buissonne, 2016)

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