Ivan Fedele

  • Composer

Ivan Fedele studied composition with Renato Dionisi and Azio Corghi in Milan and Franco Donatoni in Rome. He also studied electronic music with Angelo Paccagnini and philosophy at the University of Milan.

Ivan Fedele's work is based on several essential characteristics: the permanent interaction between the principles of organization and freedom; the will to transmit easily identifiable forms without giving in to the richness of musical writing; an eminently musical relationship to technology. Fedele, in this sense, seeks to devise new formal strategies that combine certain narrative aspects of the classic-romantic symphonic model with the innovations in writing or new electronic means of the last half-century.

Listen to: Ivan Fedele

  1. Breath and Break by Ivan Fedele (recorded at Gentre Georges Pompidou, 2017)
  2. Pulse & Light by Ivan Fedele (recorded at the Centquatre, 2015)
  3. La pierre et l'étang (... les temps ...) by Ivan Fedele (recorded at the Centquatre, 2011)
  4. Donacis Ambra by Ivan Fedele (recorded at Ircam, 1997)

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