Eliane Radigue

  • Composer

Trained as a pianist, harpist, singer and composer, Éliane Radigue it was through her contact with musique concrète, first with Pierre Schaeffer and then with Pierre Henry, that she found her calling.

Over a period spanning over 50 years, three distinct periods can be defined. The first period (1968-1971), was that of feedback and re-injections, an embryonic phase in which we can already see her extreme meticulousness and attention to thresholds and vulnerable balances. The second period (1971-2001), that of maturity, was marked by electronic compositions, linking her music to the beats of her ARP 2500 synthesizer. The third is a period of acoustic works created with musician-accomplices from all horizons, bringing a relational dimension to a music that had been created, until then, in solitude. 

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